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Robocop Fried Chicken Commercial 1980's

Ok, for some reason this video right here has received surprisingly little traction in the few years since it found its way to the internet. And shockingly (to me, at least) it's gotten wildly mixed reviews from friends of mine to whom I've shown this piece of absolute internet perfection right here.

It's an actual Korean commercial from the 80s that features a very Asian Robocop entering uninvited into a family's house by nightmarishly emerging through their television like the girl from The Ring--only to steal a bite of their apparently delectable Lotahem (?) fried chicken. He then falls so in love with his fried chicken, he proceeds to heist the family's refrigerator--an act that not only impresses this family, but somehow inexplicably pleases the shit out of them as well.

Robocop speaks in Korean, but whoever posted this on youtube cleverly added English subtitles that sound nearly perfectly matched with what he's saying.

This video may not be quite as funny as the unintentional comedy masterpiece that is Robocop 3, but nonetheless, I'd say it's literally in my top 10 favorite internet videos of all time.

Enjoy. I gotta go now. Yo, I'm about to eat.

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