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"...the dark circus that Don Ryan brings to life is nothing short of vibrant. In a word: dazzling." --The Aquarian Weekly

"Don Ryan is the real deal...This is a brand new take on old music, and this young man owns it. Don Ryan's music blew me away." --Ear To The Ground


"...the next artist ready to carry the torch of Tom Waits to a new generation."


"Don Ryan takes his musical materials and wrenches them into the shape that best expresses his intentions, with scant regard for precedent or convention. Witty, disturbing lyrics...Excellent stuff."


"...all-around musical badass." --Warren Riker, producer (Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Sublime)


"...multi-influenced music mixed together by a mad scientist." --FBFY Monthly Mixtape


"His sound is a throwback to an earlier, simpler time and his live performances are an exercise in fretboard mastery. Ryan commands his guitar with such an ease and nonchalance that it is easy to miss just how clever and crafty his songwriting chops are." --Jimmy Lloyd, television host (Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, NBC)


" immense talent in the NY/NJ music scene who is going to be making big waves in the music world." --INDMUSIC


"an alluring collection of electrified Folk-Rock that still gets regular play in my Itunes library." --Speak Into My Good Eye


"Ryan never lets us quite hear what we artist of rare originality." --Oliver di Place blog


"...a fresh and interesting perspective on some old styles of music!" --Indie Rebellion


" versatile artist with a wide array of influences and styles he is playing around with like a kid in a candy shop." --Listen Before You Buy


"This is the real thing. Don Ryan is different. This is real music. This is real good music." --A Perfect Mess

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