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Parasite's Hotel

The following song -- a strange and creepy little tune called Parasite's Hotel -- is the very first thing that I ever recorded as I began my reluctant (and initially torturous) foray into the world of audio engineering.

Prior to recording this, I literally had no amount of hands-on experience with engineering or mixing. So needless to say, this production is quite rough. I programmed the drums and recorded all the other instruments in about a take or two each. The goal here was to simply demo this song as quickly as possible, and spend the majority of my time learning about the recording process as I encountered problems along the way. (I didn't bother to master the track, as this was just intended to be a very unpolished demo -- so you may need to turn up the volume a bit on your speakers.)

I'm hoping that the band and I will soon collaborate on a more "official" rendition of this tune, and perhaps even tweak an idea here or there. (There's actually a version of this demo with Bobbins and Paul on it. But for boring technical reasons that I won't get into right now, I can't currently access that Pro Tools project.)

So anyway, with no further preamble, here she be...Parasite's Hotel:

FUN FACT: I lifted the title of Parasite's Hotel from a tune in an episode of ALF. A few years ago, I hit a downright comedically strange moment in my life in which I decided it prudent to spend nearly a full month religiously watching the entire series of ALF...twice. (And I don't even like that fucking show. I just couldn't stop watching it. It was a dark time for me, friends.)

Here's a youtube video of a guy (who apparently loves ALF far more than any human being should) crooning the little ditty in a duet with ALF himself:

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